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In the field of architecture and urban planning, my work is guided by human-centric research and supported by analytical and critical thinking.


Since receiving my Master of Science in Architecture from the TU Graz, where I focused on the societal impact of public space, including its importance for practicing democracy, I have been a strong advocate for human-centric design and participatory planning processes. My experience working on a multitude of scales and typologies, from housing projects to master planning, and at all levels, from surveying to execution, has taught me the importance of holistic design approaches.


Over the last few years, my focus has been on urban planning and strategic development, where I have gained an affinity for working in trans- and interdisciplinary teams. Throughout my career working on robust and innovative projects, social and environmental responsibility has always been the primary focus of my design and development process.


As a multi-disciplinary artist, working across drawing and photography, I get to explore (current) projects and topics from architecture and planning with a distance. In drawings, I deconstruct the ideological spaces via accumulations of lines and marks which represent, in various degrees of abstraction, contemporary urbanism, and social life. At the same time, I use photography as a tangible record for analysis of human spatial behavior.